- Day 1 | November 15th-

Dr. Nasser Aljehani Executive Director of Enablement and Supervision& Medical Director

Council of Health Insurance, KSA

Topic introduction

Personal profile

Dr. Nasser Aljehani is the Executive Director of Enablement and Supervision, the Medical Director, and the Spokesperson at the Counsel of Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia. He is American Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Clinical Informatics. He completed a fellowship in quality improvement and patient safety. Between 2019 and 2021, he co-led the implementation of Epic system in King Fahad Medical city as well as led the implementation of the Model of Care project in the Second Riyadh Health Cluster. He is now co-leading the implementation of NPHIES project, the Saudi national health information exchange platform, and leading multiple programs and initiatives that aim to enhance the health of the beneficiaries and improve health insurance services in Saudi Arabia.